Our Church… 

Westwood Baptist Church has a new vision and a new enthusiasm. The vision is an end result of what we at Westwood believe to be guiding principles. We call these guiding principles, values. Values are the qualities we adhere to in the life of our church. These values, along with the Baptist doctrine we hold, serve to guide the future of Westwood.

For example, one of our values is "others ".  It simply means that everything in the life of our church is not about us.  It is about the people we serve. This value could come from any of several places in the Bible. The most obvious place from which to draw, is the life of  Jesus. Jesus said about

Himself, "The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to served."  (Matt. 20:28) The life of Jesus is the life we strive to imitate.

As to the new enthusiasm, the congregation at Westwood is united in its desire to make disciples and to grow our church. Westwood has a beautiful building that is debt free.

It is my belief that God wants to do a mighty work at Westwood. The church's responsibility is to plant and water. God's promise is to give the increase.

  Join us on Sunday!

  Bro. Dewey