The Pastor's Blog…

As I set out to write my blog this week, I have just returned from viewing the movie, 'War Room."

om'. I must confess that the movie had a strong impact on me. I can’t say that I gained any new insights into prayer, but the way the movie packaged the role of prayer in the marriage was both challenging and biblical. I walked away with the hope that every couple, in fact, every man and every woman in Westwood would have the opportunity to see the movie.

I don’t often recommend that people attend movies, but the movie is worth the investment of both time and money.  Guys set up a date night and take your wife to see War Room.

In fact, it isn’t just couples. I highly recommend that every man and woman in Westwood take the time to go see this movie.  Although the 'War Room' has the marriage relationship as its target audience, I believe the movie will challenge you in the way you deal with your children and other relationships.

'War Room' models the way the world is changed. This movie has the possibility of changing the way you view all your relationships with people.


Bro. Dewey