Last Sunday, the
church voted to approve the annual budget for the New Church Year. The budget
is approximately 19% higher than last year’s budget, but it is significantly
lower than the income for the past 12 months. We experienced an unusual year financially,
with an incredible income. Knowing that some offerings came in the last 12 months
that are not expected in the coming year, the Budget/Finance Committee
discounted the annual income by several thousands of dollars; but we still set
the new Budget about 19% higher that last year’s budget.

And what makes this
increase even more interesting is that this increase follows on the heels of an
18% increase 3 years ago.

Will the new budget be a stretch/challenge? I hope so; a church budget should reflect an amount that the church believes is not only reachable, but also challenging. In other words, to reach a new budget, the church simply must grow. [And, the members must continue to be faithful in their giving even during a Pandemic when they may not be able to attend!]